The Ohio State University Young Scholars Program Alumni Society (YSPAS) is now joining the ranks of fifty (50) other OSU alumni societies that serve the university through programming, networking, recruiting, advocacy, and funding of scholarships. Among those 50 societies, we are the first minority-based scholarship program to establish an active society. All proceeds donated to YSPAS directly benefit the efforts of the Young Scholars Program (YSP). As members of this alumni society, it is our intention to continue writing the success story of the Young Scholars Program. YSPAS is a platform to display our commitment to YSP and recognizes our hope that more families are rewarded with the same life changing opportunities.

The Society strives to attain four goals:

  1. To act as an additional resource to YSP staff and Scholars, while lending continuity to the core values of the Program.
  2. To provide YSP alumni an organized forum to discuss various topics and create opportunities to network and fellowship with current Scholars.
  3. To generate supplemental funds for educational programs and activities for Scholars.
  4. To mentor YSP students at the post-secondary level, entering the job market and those pursuing graduate studies.